Supercharged 6.3 AMG Black Series

As an Australian first, the Kraftwerk Performance team partnered with WEISTEC Engineering and brought to Australia the ultimate performance upgrade for the 6.3 AMG engines. Mind-blowing 660 HP / 485kw and 770 Nm are powering the first CLK 6.3 AMG Black Series on Sydney roads. This kit is now on sale Australia-wide with 98 RON tuning for all 6.3 AMG engines.



High Performance exhaust Systems

As the stock exhaust systems are heavily restricted in terms of their set up - in order for example to comply with e.g. German TUV noise regulations - we recommend a performance exhaust with our tunings to create the perfect match and fully maximise the performance output.

Every Supersprint exhaust system has been researched, designed and tested to insure additional power and to enhance overall performance Read More.

All designs are validated by extensive testing which includes hours of dyno testing on Supersprint's Maha 4-wheel chassis dynamometer.

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for cars, trucks, boats and agricultural vehicles

Efficiency tuning for cars, trucks, boats and agricultural vehicles

ECO ECU Optimisation for Passenger cars, trucks, boats and agricultural vehicles!
Increase your driving enjoyment and save up to 15% on fuel ! Simply - with the Kraftwerk ECO optimisation

How will you save fuel with the tuning?

  • Optimisation of fuel burn efficiency
  • Increasing of engine torque at low RPM’s
  • Optimisation of air flow & air volume

Fuel consumption, torque and rpm are in direct relationship to each other. In principle, more fuel is burned at higher rpm. Through increasing of torque a faster up-shift is possible into the next gear therefore high rpm’s are avoided. The engine works most efficiently at the rpm figure where the torque is the highest.

How does it influence the driving abilities of my vehicle?

At low rpm’s the car accelerates faster and you feel much higher pull of the car.

How does it influence the fuel consumption?

With Kraftwerk tuning the fuel burn efficiency is optimised and maximised. The car needs less fuel, you can drive longer with one full tank and your visits at the petrol station are less frequent. Due to increased torque, the consumption reduces in normal driving conditions. Depending on the car and the engine type saves up to 15% are possible. Considering that the car is moved more than 90% in normal, non-aggressive mode, the fuel savings are substantial.

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The technical data given are based on stock car performance, which may vary up to 5%. The performance results may vary depending on stock performance of the engine, vehicle equipment, transmission, gear and final drive ratios as well as wheel/tyre combination, technical differences / country regulations, test conditions etc.


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